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Phuket Land Types And Titles

There are many different types of land titles in Thailand. This article will cover some of the land titles I have seen and know about here in Phuket while dealing with real estate here over the last seven years.

Sor Kor 1
A Sor Kor 1 was used a long time ago but still exists today in many places in Phuket and it Thailand. This type of title gives you the right to farm the land but not sell the land. It is very much like a right to use the land. I have heard this sometimes is also known at the possession right to use the land. Be careful buying land near this kind of land as it delays the Chanote making process by several months as I learned before because you need to get it approved by another local government office.

Por Bor Tor 5
Por Bor Tor 5 land is generally farm land or agricultural land and listing as having no owner at the local office. This kind of land has been built on in the past. It is very common here on the island here and around Phuket. The village chief is usually the one who administers and controls this land.

Por Bor Tor 6
Por Bor Tor 6 land is the documentation in order for the tax number to be given for a piece of land. This only shows the land is taxable and has nothing to do with ownership rights.

Sor Por Kor 4-01
Sor Por Kor 4-01 is land that was allotted by the land department reform committee. The idea was so poor people could have land. This land can be passed down to only direct heirs and the title cannot be bought or sold.

Phuket Land types - Greater Titles
In my last section Phuket Land Titles - lesser types I covered all the lessor land types. We now will look at the greater land types.

Nor Sor 3
Nor Sor Samm title certifies the land has been issued by the local government. The land owner can you the land for his benefit. The title usually has no parcel points that are clearly marked with no reference points to connecting plots of land. Nor Sor Samm can be bought and sold but, the boundries of the land are recorded in relation to the neighboring plots. You can get big land loss of 20% and greater when converting the land to a Chanote title.

Nor Sor 3 Gor
Nor Sor saam Ghor is very similar to a Nor Sor Saam. A Nor Sor Saam Ghor documentation shows parcel points and is accurately mapped. Nor Sor Samm Ghor states you have the right to use the land forever and you can buy sell or divide the land as one chooses.

Survey errors frequently occur buying this land and you can end up with a much smaller piece of land then you than you think you bought. If you want to do a new survey, it required notification of all neighboring land owners.

If the land borders Sor Por Gor land it may require everyone from the Sor Por Gor office to come out and inspect the property if you later decide to make this a Chanote title. This can cost you a lot of time and money. If your planning on doing and kind of project on the land like a subdivision or apartments.

Nor Sor Saam Ghor may be subdivided or upgraded to a Chanote title which I highly recommend but you have to permission from all your neighboring land owners. They have to sign off on your boundaries. This signing off process can take several months to get 100% with the land office.

Nor Sor 4 Jor or Chanote title
A Chanote title by far is the preferred title deed for land purchase in Thailand. The title boundaries are clearly marked on the land and on the documentation. All boundaries have been GPS certified.

The land itself will have uniquely numbered concrete land office markers that are 10 cm in diameter by 30 cm long. They are usually buried in the ground or have been concreted in place with the top showing for easy viewing and locating.

Banks are willing to take a Chanote as collateral for a money loan is required. It is in my option that it is safe for a foreigner to buy land that has been made into a Chanote title. Chanote land is highly desirable among foreigners and it is acceptable to pay a premium for this land.

All these land titles exist in the Phuket real estate market. The smart investor will want to buy land that has an upgraded title to Chanote status.
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