Friday, August 6, 2010

Investing In New Zealand Holiday Homes

Do you take frequent vacations to New Zealand? If so, it may well be that you are interested in purchasing a property in your favourite city or region. Taking the time to think about what kind of holiday home you want as well as what you can afford are both crucial points to making a wise decision. If you are familiar with a particular area of New Zealand and have stayed long enough at differing times throughout the year, it is safe to assume that you know the area well, and will not come across any nasty surprises. Buying an investment property is a big decision, and one often made by people whom have not experienced staying in the country for long periods of time.
There are a few different considerations that will come into play, including the following.
- Location
Holiday homes are prevalent throughout New Zealand from small coastal towns to inner city suburbs. The regional areas you are interested in will help determine what prices you can expect to pay for properties for sale in these areas. Central city properties in Auckland and Wellington for example are likely to be more expensive then rural properties in Taranaki or Waikato. As mentioned above it is highly recommended that you first become familiar with a particular location before considering any serious investment decisions. Location also includes getting to know the local residents and weather conditions. Do you get along with the people living in the area, and does the weather suit your lifestyle?
- Features and Amenities
Are you looking for a luxury house or do you just want to find a place where you and your family can relax and spend time together? You will obviously get what you pay for, but make sure that you get all the features or amenities that you want. If you're able to buy a vacation home, it should be one that you love. Alternatively, you may find a property that requires some work which you could do during each of your trips.
- Revenue Opportunities
Owning a holiday house means that you have the opportunity to rent out your property when you are not utilising it. This presents a great way to generate revenue through the year to help pay for your rates, mortgage, general maintenance and power/gas supply. This option can also bring about a few negative aspects however, such as increased wear-and-tear of your house. It is recommended that you consider a real estate company that offers property management for peace of mind that your investment property is being well looked after and left in excellent condition.
When you are looking for a New Zealand holiday home these are important considerations to keep in mind. Take the time to find the perfect holiday house. A home away from home in a country as beautiful as New Zealand deserves to be equally enjoyable and relaxing, so make your decision a wise one. Remember also, that if you're not quite ready to buy you can still rent holiday homes for your vacations.
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