Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Top Areas to Rent Commercial Property in Melbourne

Top Areas to Rent Commercial Property in Melbourne
Leasing commercial property is a very important decision so the more research you can do, the better. Not only do you have to find a property that is in good condition and has great parking, but you also have to worry about finding the best location. Location is everything. The location of a property will make it easy to get to, have great impact when signed and will attract potential staff. The location will also give additional benefits to the building such as views from the building. Below you will find the top areas to rent commercial property in the Melbourne area.

St. Kilda Road, Toorak Road and Domain Road
One of the best places to find commercial property in Melbourne is on St. Kilda Road. Roads in the same area include Toorak Road and Domain Road, which all provide exquisite views of the surrounding Melbourne area. Properties in this area will have stunning views of the Botanical Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance, Port Phillip Bay and Albert Park Lake. These roads are located in the Business 5 Zone.

Financial Business District of Melbourne
A fabulous location for commercial property rental or purchase is in the business district of Melbourne. Besides having spectacular views of the business and shopping areas, there are excellent views of the CBD. You will be close to the Australian Stock Exchange and in walking distance of various important buildings in the financial business district and to the courts. The views are not the only perk of having a property in the business district; being in the middle of this precinct means that there are unlimited amounts of transportation in close proximity to your building. With shopping and other facilities close by, properties located in this area of Melbourne are highly attractive to both the buyer and leasers.

The Heart of Melbourne City
In the heart of Melbourne city, your commercial property will be a heartbeat away from all of the popular Melbourne districts such as the legal district, the financial business district and the great shopping areas. If the property is located by Collins Street, there will be views of the town hall, the State Parliament House and Gardens, Port Phillip Bay, Albert Park and the spectacular Yarra River. Transportation is extremely easy making your office easy to get to. The Melbourne International Airport is 25 minutes away by car, and buses, trams and the Flinders Street Station are all in close proximity, while there are always an abundance of taxis also.

Remember, location should be essential for buyers and renters. While you may not need to come to your office every day, the people who work for you will. No one wants their business to be in an area that is hard to find or where their clients may get lost. Therefore, be smart when choosing a property to purchase or commit to with a lease.
Finally, ask yourself these questions before signing anything; is the building close to transportation? Will the people working inside of the building be looking at wall or a gorgeous river or stunning view of the historic buildings in the area?
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