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Shanghai apartments: Offering a wide range of options to foreign expatriates

The past decade has witnessed Shanghai emerge as a cosmopolitan, world financial center. Out of several factors, Shanghai real estate can be considered as the major factor behind Shanghai’s economic development.

Every year, thousands of expats relocate to Shanghai to start up their private business venture or join one of several multinational companies in Shanghai. Shanghai real estate offers a huge diversity in expatriate rental property to cater to the housing needs of expatriates with different accommodation needs and budget.

For the sake of simplicity, Shanghai real estate can be divided into three main types-Old Shanghai property, New Shanghai property, and Shanghai serviced apartments. Each Shanghai property is unique in terms of its building style, environment, and facilities.

Old Shanghai properties include old garden houses, old lane houses, and old apartments. Built before 1949 around the theme of low-rise European style of architecture, old properties in Shanghai exhibit beauty and elegance. One can find old Shanghai properties in the Former French Concession Area, and other Shanghai areas like Xintiandi, and Jing'an Temple area.

Old Shanghai houses have sizeable gardens in the backyard, friendly neighbors, and offer proximity to commercial business districts. Some old Shanghai houses come with well decorated fireplaces, working chimneys and pipes, antique furniture, original light fixtures, and window frames.

Depending on the location, condition, and facilities offered, and size of the old house, you can get old shanghai houses for a monthly rent ranging between US$ 3000-US$ 15,000 and old Shanghai apartments for a monthly rent between US$ 1500-US$ 5000.

Another category of Shanghai real estate is New Shanghai properties including new villas and new apartments. New villas can be found in various styles of architecture like North American style, Japanese style, Chinese style, Spanish style, and Mediterranean style. New properties in Shanghai suit the Western Style of living.

New Shanghai villas have large open spaces including private backyards, gardens, and green areas. Most of them are equipped with modern club facilities, gymnasium, swimming pool, sport facilities, restaurants, 24 hour security management, housekeeping, gardening, and other on-site facilities.

One can find New Shanghai property in Pudong, Xintiandi, Jing'an, Hongqiao, Zhudi Town area, Gubei area, Green City area, and Zhangjiang High-tech Park area. The rental of the new properties in Shanghai also depends on its location, condition, and facilities provided. While a new Shanghai apartment is available for a monthly rent between US$ 1000-US$ 8000, the monthly rent of new villas is between US$ 3000-US$ 15,000.

Last, there are Shanghai serviced apartments. Ideal for short term stay, they offer expatriates a comfortable and economical accommodation.
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