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Renting Flats in London - Finding and Renting a Flat in the City

Renting Flats in London - Finding and Renting a Flat in the City
London is a very popular city but due to the ever rising property prices, many people who want to live and work there may have to rent at some point. If your stay in London is temporary, renting a flat may be the only option. There are lots of horror stories about sharing with strangers or with friends who have nasty habits. Here are some quick tips on how to find and rent a flat in London.

Finding a Flat to Rent
There are many options when it comes to find a flat or house to rent. The fastest and probably the easiest is to use the internet to browse classifieds sites and to visit websites that specialise in flat rentals. Most of the estate agents in the UK have an internet presence so you can visit their websites and check out what they have. Some of the big property websites that sell homes also have listings for flats that are available for rent. Another way is to look offline in the property magazines and newspapers. You'll find lots of adverts there too. I have found that one of the best ways to find a flat to rent is to visit the area of London that interests you and look for ads in shop windows. The flats advertised in these ads are usually cheaper to rent than the ones you'll normally find in newspapers. But you have to be careful so that you don't end up getting what you never bargained for.

Choosing a Flat
When it comes to renting a flat, there are so many options available that most people get confused and end up getting a place that they end up regretting later. Remember, you'll going to live in this place for a while so spend the time to do your homework. Research the area thoroughly to make sure that you'll be getting what you want. If you like peace and quite, look out for pubs, busy schools, sports clubs, railway lines, etc nearby. These places can be very noisy at certain periods. Make a list of the things which the flat 'must have' and try not to compromise on these if you can.

Think carefully about the location.
- Are you going to be able to get where you'll want to be going?
- Is the place a nice area?
- What is the place like at different times of the day, particular during the time when you'll be in your flat?
- How far are the shops, schools, health centres, etc?
These are some of the things you need to think about when comparing different locations.
Think also about the features:-
- Is the kitchen in good working condition? Are all the appliances that you require there?
- Do you prefer using gas or electric cookers?
- Does the place have central heating? Electric fan heaters can be expensive to run?
- Is it furnished or unfurnished? What do you prefer?
- Does it cater to any special needs that you have?

Remember it will be you paying for the flat month after month so make sure you get what you want. There are a lot of horrible flats in London and it takes time to find one that you are happy with. It is better to spend time looking for a flat than to waste your time trying to correct what's wrong with the flat. Once you've moved in, any changes you want may cost you money so make sure all problems are sorted out before you move in. Most landlords can't be bothered after you've moved in.
Click here for a list of websites where you can find flats to rent: http://www.local-letting-agents.org.uk/flatrentals/ online

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