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Looking For Accommodation In Paris France: A Guide To Selecting A Paris Arrondissement

You can hardly wait to leave for France. You've gotten your Paris flight , now you're considering some great looking specials on accommodation for Paris, France . Here's a guide to Paris's arrondissements or neighborhoods so you can learn more about what parts of Paris the hotels you are thinking about are in . It'll help you figure out where in Paris you want to be and where you don't!

The ideal of staying in Paris can be an extravagant one. It's quite easy to start imagining hyper-luxurious living - canopy beds, crystal antique chandeliers , silk sheets - before waking up to the reality of pricing . Paris is an expensive place . And living like Marie Antoinette isn't possible for most . Furthermore, Paris is a diverse place . It has a huge number of different arrondissements and neighborhoods , and sections of the city . Some that might suit a married couple and three youngsters might not work for the trendy young single man or woman , backpackers , or the older couple celebrating their golden anniversary. So before you finally decide on which Paris hotels near the Eiffel Tower are for you and your family , or which 5 star hotels in Paris you want to stay in , or which Paris hotels in the Latin Quarter offer the best deal , you should also consider the ambiance and milieu of the neighborhood you're about to stay in. This is important if you are to choose the best hotel in Paris for you and your companion. Remember it'll be your home away from home in Paris and you'll want it to be a good fit. So think about neighborhood along with price, safety and convenience as you make your final Paris hotel or apartment decision. Neighborhood is always an important consideration for accommodation in Paris, France even if you are looking at hotels in Paris city centre.

Your Guide To Price
By and large, nice hotels on the Right Bank in elegant districts like the eighth and 16th arrondissements are the most expensive of any hotels you can find . On the left bank, prices are generally lower. Like everything else there are exceptions, and the upscale artsy Boulevard Saint. Germain area is also rather pricey, though not as expensive as the equivalent Right Bank hotels . Less costly areas include more residential, student oriented, or out-of the way arrondissements. Boulevard St. Michel - though perhaps over-crowded, is rather inexpensive , though not as cheap as Montparnasse. These two areas are good for finding cheap accommodation in Paris. Other neighborhoods that are generally on the bottom end of the price scale, but that aren't considered too dangerous to stay in, include Montmartre, which is low-key, artsy-hippie, and relaxed, the student-oriented , though perhaps a tad touristy, Rue Mouffetard, and the residential Portes d'Orleans/Alesia area. These areas aren't close to attractions like the Eiffel Tower, but it's easy to get around on Paris's Metro system or through the Velib bike-rental system.

Your Guide To The Star Rating System For Paris France Accommodation
The idea behind France's star rating system is mathematical - not a value-judgement. In France, a standardized system of star-ranking measures not the quality of the hotel but the quantity of its amenities. The 1 - 4 star scale (there are no 5-star hotels in France) is based on twenty-two criteria about the square footage, features, and amenities, and doesn't reflect on the "charm," "niceness," or lack thereof. So do your research ; don't assume stars automatically equal good, or that a hotel with only one star is no good - it could be a lot more charming than its "4 -star" a hotel with four stars.

Choosing A Neighborhood
For the most part, the 1st, 8th , sixteenth , and seventh arrondissements are the most "elegant," with the seventh by and large more aristocratic, residential, and refined, and the eighth , 1st and 16th more opulent, catering to business men and government officials. The 6th is also upscale, but in a more artsy , more bohemian fashion. For young, singles or couples, the Marais - in both Paris's 3rd and 4th arrondissements - is the place to stay. Although if you are a student on a budget Montmartre (eighteenth - but be sure you're not in the less safe district of Barbes-Rochechouard or the seedy Pigalle, also bordering the eighteenth ) is a great bet, as is the slightly more picturesque Latin Quarter (fifteenth ). Quiet residential arrondissements like the thirteenth , twelfth , fourteenth , fifteenth , and seventeenth are great for families looking rent out a Paris apartment and experience "neighborhood life." Seedier areas include bits of the second , the ninth , and outlying areas - be sure you're not in Barbes-Rochechouard, on Rue St. Denis (unless you're low down near Les Halles), or in Pigalle or Clichy - these are all slightly seedier, or even dangerous neighborhoods. Staying in the banlieus - suburbs- is not suggested.
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