Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Living in the Philippines - Why Choose Condo Living?

Living in the Philippines - Why Choose Condo Living?
By Ian Maranon

Are you planning to live in a condo? Condominium living in the Philippines is really great. It might not be for everybody, but here are just a few reasons why you need to consider it seriously:

If you are the type who wants to have access to what the city can offer, then you truly need a condo. In Metro Manila, people nowadays are being more active and productive with the growing economy. And like any other major cities in the world, people spend most of their time outside either working or doing their businesses. A condo is fitted for those people who want a fast-paced, convenient lifestyle with a small space that is easy to maintain.
Quite Space

Because rules are strictly imposed in most condominiums, these places are usually quiet. Just to make sure, find out the rules inside the building before purchasing or renting a condo unit. Another tip is to avoid the edge of the development. Though you might observe that it costs less compared to other units, the edge units are usually adjacent to noisy areas like a basketball court, the swimming pool, or worst, the slum area.
Great Investment

Just like the Thai real estate boom in the 1990s, the Philippine real estate is now at its best. The best condominiums in the metro are those in Makati and Fort, Taguig. These condos are a bit on the high-end scale and can range from P 5 million and above ($100,000 and above). For a lower budget, there are good areas for relatively low cost condos but in excellent locations. Areas like Pasig City, Quezon City, and some parts of the City of Manila offers condos as low as P 1 million (as low as $20,000). As of now, the real estate is still on its way up. Thus, these are prices will soon increase with inflation in the coming years.
To summarize, living in a condo is not for everybody. But with these 3 reasons stated above, I guess there are a lot of folks who wanted to live this fast and convenient life
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