Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Investment Tips For a Bangkok Apartment By Jamie Hanson and Isabelle Lucas

The stringent property laws in Bangkok prevents any foreigners from buying or investing in any land in the country. This is why the only alternative they have in buying accommodation in Bangkok is to buy a Bangkok apartment.

There are today many developers that are owned and managed by foreigners who work at catering to the accommodation and investment needs of the expat community. To give them competition, there are also quite a few Thai development companies that construct Bangkok apartments to target the lucrative expat community of Bangkok.
Buy, renovate and sell at a profit

A typical Bangkok apartment unit consists of one or two bedrooms. However there are also bigger and luxury apartments with three to four bedrooms for those who require it. If you plan to buy the apartment as an investment, it is better to buy one a smaller one with a low price range. This is because these apartments have a large market.
Another popular investment option in Bangkok lies in buying modest and old buildings at a bargain, and then renovating them to sell at a great profit. The latest trend in property investment in Bangkok is investing in the off-plan method. According to this method, buyers don't actually get to see the Bangkok apartment they buy.

It is based on the trust on the apartment developer, and on seeing the developer's showrooms that they decide to, and invest in the apartment. The main reason buyers opt for this form of investment in a Bangkok apartment is because they get great discounts on the deal.

Avoid paying transfer tax
Once the project is completed, and sells out, there is the possibility of its value rising much more. Buyers usually buy their apartments using a deposit and installment scheme that spans the building schedule which can take one and a half years. The transfer of the ownership of the Bangkok apartment takes place once the building, and payment by the buyer is complete.
Investors make maximum profit on their investments by selling the Bangkok apartment before transferring it from the developer. This helps avoid transfer tax. Another alternative to make money from the investment is to have the developer lease out the apartment on the investor's behalf. It is the builder's reputation that helps fetch higher rates for the lease of these apartments.

By keeping all these points in mind, it is possible to make a sizeable profit from an investment in any condo or apartment in Bangkok.