Tuesday, July 20, 2010

5 Things to Consider Before Renting a Condominium in Makati City

5 Things to Consider Before Renting a Condominium in Makati City By J. Veluz

When it comes to visiting the city of Makati in the Philippines you have a number of choices where you can stay during your time in it. You can of course stay in one of the many hotels. However, if you intend to visit the city for any extended of time then it is worth considering renting a condominium instead.
However you shouldn't rent just any condominium Makati there are certain things that should be considered before you do. Below we take a look at 5 things to consider when renting a condominium in this city.

1. Where Is It Located?
If you are a businessman, you can find suitable condominiums for you somewhere in Makati Avenue as it is the center of Makati. If you like nightlife, then condo units located somewhere along Legaspi Street and Dela Rosa Street are good choices for you. Where you rent will depend on the things that you would like to be close to and whether you will be using any kind of vehicle to allow you to travel around. So get hold of a map that clearly shows the various streets and districts that make up this city and choose the areas that you think suit your requirements best.

2. What Are Transport Links Like?
If you are visiting the city without anyway of earning a living then of course you need to make sure that you are close to public transport links that allow you to move around the city more easily. Ideally look for places that located close to or beside main bus routes. Condo units close to public transport system are those located in Ayala Avenue since the main rail transit system is located there.

3. What Shopping Facilities Are Located Close By?
As most condominiums in cities like Makati are situated in high rise blocks they tend not to have any parking facilities. So you want to make sure that you have shops close by where the essential things you need such as food and drink can be purchased and then carried easily back to your home. You can pick a condo unit in Dela Rosa Street or somewhere in Perea Street since 24/7 shopping establishments are just a walking distance there.

4. How Much Can You Afford To Spend On Your Rent?
This is a very important thing to be considered as how much you can afford to spend on your rent will determine the quality of the property and size of it. If you are able to invest a large sum each month in to your rent then not only can you get a good quality condominium but also one that is located much closer to all the facilities you may need.

5. What Kind Of Cover Is Provided?
When you are considering renting a condominium in Makati think about what will happen if there is a problem with it. Look to rent a property that the owner has chosen to employ a management company to deal with such matters.
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