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Where to Rent a Villa in Spain

Privately owned villas are becoming increasingly popular among celebrities, newlyweds and families looking for privacy on their vacation. Many villas in Spain include amenities such as a private balcony, private yard and private pool. Along with all of the comforts of home, a villa could be the perfect amenity to search for. Vacations are intended to help vacationers relax and enjoy their time away. The added privacy of a private kitchen, laundry room and play area for the kids could take a lot of stress off the parents.

The owners of rental villas are often more understanding with pet owners as well. Oftentimes, the family pet is welcomed by villa owners as simply another part of the family. Like other rental properties, the villa owner may require a deposit or extra rent for the presence of the pet. Many vacationers are more than willing to pay extra to have every part of their family with them. While pet owners rejoice at the thought of taking their beloved pet with them on vacation abroad, smokers may not have the same freedom. Many rental villas do not allow smoking for a variety of reasons.

Privately owned properties are usually located near a city or metropolitan area to make purchasing daily necessities more convenient. Privately owned villas do not offer the conveniences of continental breakfasts or other meals. They do not even have snack or soda machines. These are homes with all the comforts of home, including the ability to cook your own food. These are often called self-catering rental properties.

Some very prestigious and highly sought-after properties are beachfront or near a golf course or theme park. Many very popular Spanish vacation destinations, such as Madrid and Barcelona, offer a wide variety of privately owned rental villas. Several rental villas may also be found on the Canary Islands and Balearic Islands.

Investment Property in Spain

Villas are traditionally owned by local Spanish people. In recent years, international property investors have shown special interest in purchasing real estate abroad. These investments often prove to be very lucrative for the owners. During prime vacation seasons, they have the ability to rent their villa to weekend travelers or to those looking for an extended vacation. Although rent is usually reasonably priced for each visitor, the owner of the villa can earn a substantial income from the profits.

Proper utilization of the Internet to advertise properties for rent could also increase profits. The opportunity to purchase more than one rental property could provide endless income when properly marketed and maintained.

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