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Live In Rome - How To Decide Where To Live

So you've done the holidays to Italy. You've spent lots of time in Rome and quite frankly you've finally come to the conclusion that above any place else Rome is the place you want to live in. You would not be the first to feel this about living in Rome as its such a fantastic and beautiful place to spend even a short time. Let's look at a few key things that need to be considered before you decide to live in Rome.

Property prices are expensive for the capital city of Italy. Rental fees are high and the cheapest way to remain in Rome is to share a flat. If you were to take a bedroom only in a shared apartment, then city center costs will be in the region of 500 euros and above. For an entire apartment and we are talking around 900 euros for a studio and for a 2 bedroomed its more in the range of 1500 Euros per month.

If these prices are unaffordable for you then you could consider living out of town. If you were to look at prices in the likes of Monteverde, Portuense or San Paolo then you will be saving 200 or 300 euros a month on the cost of an apartment but if you are regularly traveling in and out of Rome these places are well outside the realm of walking distance. Public transport is not the best either, which does not really do much to improve your options.

When considering to live in Rome another thing you should be thinking about is - will you be more comfortable living with other expatriates - other people who are not originally from Rome. On your initial move there this option may be more appealing, at least until you get to know more about living there. The sense of comradeship is important alone - to know other people who are facing the same issues that you are currently having to deal with.

Areas of Rome that are popular with expatriates include Trastevere. There you will find "foreigners" who are on an extended stay in Rome. Some may be there for a few months while others have been around for years. Another place albeit a little outside of Rome itself, is Pigneto. There is a real multicultural vibe here but at the same time it has much more of a village "feel" to it and apparently it offers up some of the best foods to be had in all of Italy. This place is within easy traveling distance to central Rome so its a great way to have the best of different worlds.

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