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Housing - Beijing Property Guide

When looking for a new home, your top criteria for selection will include such major factors as availability of transportation and proximity to your workplace. The types of housing available in Beijing include courtyards, villa compounds and apartments.

New Villas

Up-to-date modern villa compounds with a secure big central garden, usually equipped with club facilities. These high standard properties usually belong to the developers and are equipped with all modern electrical appliances and design furniture. The management office also provides all kinds of services, including gardening, housekeeping and maintenance. Also provided is a shuttle bus to downtown, major expat shopping areas and international schools.


Old traditional houses are usually located in the Hutongs. According to historical records a small-scale city first appeared in the Beijing area about 3,000 years but most of the hutongs, which remain today were formed in the Ming and Qing dynasties. These houses are becoming rare by this days as Beijing continued to destroy them and instead builds modern offices and apartment buildings. Very popular among those foreigners who want to escape from the hustle of daily life, courtyards offer a lot of charm, they also require a great deal of maintenance, because of a number of drawbacks, such as low-level electrical supply, and old plumbing and sewage systems. When you choose this kind of house, make sure that you have a very helpful landlord and responsible realtor.


Standard Apartments
These apartment buildings are available everywhere in Beijing, and foreigners can easily find a suitable apartment in any price range. These apartments offer basic expat style conditions. Many of these buildings, especially the new ones, are equipped with a clubhouse, car park, satellite TV channels and other facilities.

Serviced Apartments
The most prestigious service apartment buildings are usually built by foreign developers or joint venture companies, they are all equipped with modern furniture and conveniences, and most offer housekeeping services, fitness centers and concierge services.

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