Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Helpful Information About Israel Real Estate

 Helpful Information About Israel Real Estate

The last years investments of property and real estate is growing up in Israel. Investors go up with real estate appreciating in Jerusalem. People from all the world is buying luxury and brand new developments in the center of this city.

Something is diferent in this country if we compare prices of Jerusalem apartments and prices of properties in the world: A significant appreciation of the land at the beginning of the year and going on.

The Mamilla brand new shopping center brought lots of French jewish people to buy luxury and brand new properties, villas, apartments, douplex, houses, lands, hotels, restaurants, kosher supermarkets, bars, and more. Most of the apartments are rented by tourists from all around the world for long or short period of time.

Jerusalem is known primarily for its religious significance, but it is also home to many artistic and cultural venues. The Israel Museum attracts nearly one million visitors a year, approximately one-third of them tourists.

Today, hi-tech is so important in the israeli economics that businessmans from Italy, China, Argentina, Brazil, United States and more are opening offices in this small but beautyfull country.

For those who thought the Israel real estate sector was heading for a bubble in 2006 had better re-think the property scene again. The fact is share prices of real estate developers has gone up 20%.

Rent prices continue to increase. In many areas population levels has stabled close to 100%. This stability indicates lack in properties for rent and not on a change in demands. Return rates has not significantly changed. The Sub prime has not yet influenced demand for investments in properties. Currency fluctuations of the USD have not effected, realistically, on real estate prices in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa and Eilat.

"Properties in Israel are good investment. The most exclusive properties in Israel are in the desirable locations of Central Israel.

Israel estates cater to people of distinct tastes and backgrounds. There are huge array of Israel real estate companies that help buyers to get the Israel estate transactions in Israel that includes estates, penthouses and villas." Say Marcia, from a real estate agency in Israel.

But, to be honest, one feels a correction in real estate stocks is needed in the long term, meanwhile, short-term wise, anything can happen, and the sky's the limit for real estate! Always, a good buy, if you have the money or the bank will loan you some, buy a house or two, throw in a commercial property.

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