Wednesday, June 16, 2010

5 Reasons to Invest in Barcelona Property in 2010

The Iberian lifestyle is one of fun, sun and relaxation – many European foreigners decide to retire in Spain and the adjoining islands, and there is a high number of second homes owned by foreigners, too. The Catalan Capital of Barcelona is no exception, offering stunning architecture and landscapes, nestled on the banks of the Mediterranean Sea. And it’s not a bad bet for a property investment for 2010. Here are five reasons why.

Number one would be for the business potential. Real Estate Company Cushman and Wakefield produced their annual report into Business Cities in Europe, and in 2009 Barcelona has leapfrogged the “capital of Europe” Belgium into fourth spot. The city is a serious contender for many businesses opening or expanding, meaning it’s citizens are becoming more and more affluent as they look to find a property.

In the same report by Cushman and Wakefield – widely regarded as the authority on such matters, the city of Barcelona was voted as the number one destination for quality of life in employees. This brings us to number two: Quality of life as a destination for foreigners. Companies looking to relocate their offices or even freelancers or people looking for a change of scene in the workplace can rest assured they’re making a great choice in destination and will likely be upgrading from their current location.

As if this was not enough, a third thing to convince you would have to be the commitment of Barcelona City council to the urban investment and planning. The city is constantly changing for the better with the new line 9 metro linking the business and Port of Zona Franca and even the city’s airport to downtown Barcelona due to open in Spring 2010 and the ongoing 22@ project in Poble Nou promising to be a platform for the biggest companies and intelligent minds of the city to lay their base.

At number four would have to be Barcelona’s fantastic transport links. Given its position in Europe, there are many low-cost flights arriving to the city’s main airport which has recently opened a huge new terminal, with it increasing the number of long haul direct flights and eliminating the need for travellers to change at Madrid. There is also the Ave Fast Train, linking cities within Spain in remarkable speeds and even offering a full refund if the rain is more than 30 minutes late. The proximity to the Pyrenees Mountains means ski season is just a few hours away, and if you prefer country hiking, inland Catalonia will fill your boots (pun intended!). There are also more cruises arriving in Barcelona than ever before, with them bringing a huge injection of cash through the tourism.

Culture and Heritage are surely worth a mention and make number five another great reason to invest. Barcelona is a city steeped in history, with some amazing architecture and museums, as well as an incredible nine UNESCO world Heritage Sites. Immersing yourself in another culture, bilingual too, can only enrich your decision to invest in Barcelona property. An added bonus is the current buyers market means there are some real bargains to be had, too. Contact a reliable Real Estate Agent for details.
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David Brydon - About the Author:
David Brydon has been living in Barcelona, Spain for 10 years and writes for Luxury Barcelona Real Estate Agents Modus Vivendi, who have a wide portfolio of Long Term Rentals in Barcelona too.