Sunday, May 30, 2010

Residence for Rent : Condominium Spanish Condo , Pattaya

Residence for Rent  : Condominium
Spanish Condo , Pattaya
ID : CD088042

Spanish Place Condominiums, is a good situated Condo Estate, 800 meters from Pattaya beach, Pattaya Thailand. The main city center and the world famous Walking Street of Pattaya are just 10 minutes by public transport or car. The Condo estate has 2 entrances, the main Gate on the Sukhumvit-highway (leading to Bangkok) as well as a entrance to the Shopping Centre Carrefour in Pattaya klang

The 12 buildings of Spanish place are the last years fully renovated and our condos are completely new! There is a lot of room between the buildings and there are two swimming pools. On the backside, going to Carrefour.

Project Name :Spanish Condo

Location :Pattaya

Zone :N/A

Unit size :32.00

No of room :Studio bedroom/1 bathroom

Furnishing :FULLY

Rental (THB/ month) :10,000.00

Please call 02 688 7555 Plus Property for details.