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My favourite accomodation in Cape Town

My favourite accomodation in Cape Town

You're coming to Cape Town - which some of us in the Southern Hemisphere would say is the most beautiful, efficient and sophisticated city in Africa. Your choice of accomodation in Cape Town will play an important part of your experience of this lovely city.

Things to look for in good quality accomodation in Cape Town are clean and modern furnishings, privacy and a good location.

Green Point has not always been popular with tourists as an area with regards to accomodation in Cape Town.

This area which is located on the western border of Cape Town city and close to the Waterfront is continously being upgraded.

The 2010 Soccer World Cup will be hosted at the Green Point stadium which is currently in it's completion stages and has helped invigorate this increasingly fashionable area.

Not so very long ago this Cape Town city precinct was the kind of place that offered you few reasons to visit it.

A visit to the Traffic Department (which is still located here) to settle parking fines did not endear Green Point to people.

If you were feeling a little gay or a lot gay then The Bronx bar was a reliable meeting place for gentlefolk.

And ladies would also be readily available on street corners down the main road of Green Point.

All these factors made Green Point quite an unsavoury place - at least for tourists when choosing accomodation in Cape Town.

As a result of recent changes Green Point has become more slick and modernised while retaining its character.

Lots of new modern well located apartments in Green Point means there is a much better choice of accomodation in Cape Town.

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Development is the very affluent neighbour of Green Point.

There is no more room for expansion in the Waterfront Marina where the exclusive location and setting has resulted in a high demand for this type of accomodation in Cape Town.

This has resulted in a similiar quality of development in Greenpoint which lies on the V&A Waterfront's southern boundary.

And so the Green Point stretch alongside this has responded with a swathe of glossy and modern apartment blocks and luxury all-suite hotels. Apartments in the Greenpoint area have become popular accomodation in Cape Town as a result of its excellent location.

These are excellent choices for accomodation in Cape Town as they offer better value than the Waterfront Marina by being on the outer edge of the Waterfront perimeter yet having fast direct access to all the Waterfront attractions.

And of course the security-conscious and high-tech V and A Waterfront lacks the aura of street-cred evident in Green Point.

Trendy shopping centres, good restaurants, lounge bars and coffee shops pepper the sidewalks and add to the unpretentious groove of Green Point.
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