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Buy a Property in Bangkok the Recommended Way

Bangkok is one of the most visited cities in the whole world and more and more people who visit it are willing to buy a property in Bangkok.

Foreigners who are interested in Bangkok real estate investing must be familiar with property laws in Thailand, if they do not want to have an unpleasant surprise. Anyone can buy a unit in a condominium, but foreigners cannot own free land and houses. According to a Thai rule, foreigners can buy only a certain percentage from the total area of the condominium, in a proportion that does not exceed 49% of all the units in the condominium. A local real estate agent can tell you if you fulfill the necessary conditions in order to buy a unit of a condominium or rent a property in Bangkok.

You can make a good idea about the local market if you resort to an experienced local agent, who knows his or her business. Thus, you will not have to worry about any failure of your Bangkok real estate investing, since such an investment
will bring you the expected long-term profit. The commercial real estates have exploded these last years and Bangkok real estate investing can turn out to be tricky, if you do not have a well-thought plan. Anyone can rent a property in Bangkok, but the success of the investment does not offer a guarantee as long as a team of experts has not advised you.

Bangkok real estate investing is not only about buying or renting the desired property in Bangkok. Apart from the money that you will spend on renting or buying, there will also be other operating expenses. The maintenance fee of the property you buy or rent faces charging by the month. The owners will decide the amount of money to pay. Furthermore, if you own a property in Bangkok, you will have to pay a property tax that varies according to the estimated value of the property.

Finding a licensed Bangkok property Real Estate Agent is not an easy task, because, just like in other cities, there are always many unauthorized agents who are looking forward to trick you into buying their inadequately constructed properties. Before you buy a property in Bangkok, it is very important to verify that the agency has a license and that they come with good recommendations. Remember that the success of your Bangkok real estate investing lies in his /her hands and you should not shy away from asking for recommendations.

In addition, it is also recommended to consult with a local attorney about possible pitfalls as well as other miscellaneous laws that are applicable to foreigners. For those foreigners wanting to buy a property in Bangkok, it is also pertinent to check out the new areas that are developing quickly. For instance, the train transportations (BTS) is quickly being developed and cause the real estate to increase quite rapidly in areas that were not popular before. Bangkok is a place that is worth investing in, but do not expect any short-term profitable results. In the end, the money you have spent on the property will pay off – you only need to start with a long-term goal.

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