Sunday, May 30, 2010

ArticleBase Presents: Factors to consider when investing in Australia property

ArticleBase Presents: Factors to consider when investing in Australia property
By: Andrea Patterson

Discovering the right investment in Australia property is where most people begin when considering the best method to augment their personal wealth and financial security. In the last ten years, the percentage of Australian people investing in property increased overwhelmingly.

There are many factors to consider and work out before looking for a particular property. You need to find out:

- How much you need to borrow, as discrete from how much you can afford to borrow.
- The amount you can afford to invest
- How much it cost you before and after tax
- Locate the areas that will potentially give you the best return and in the long run the optimum capital growth

To invest in rental property is very different from buying a home to live in. There are many factors to consider, that is why it is so important to deal with a real estate agency that specializes in property investment.

But in most cases it is found that the investors don't get the proper advice from investment property specialists and then end buying the property either by paying more or getting less return. Hence one of the most important factors to consider when buying investing in Australia property is to consult the investment property specialists. Vivas Lend Lease is one of the famous specialists which provide the best advice and expertise.

Some other important factors to consider when investing in Australia property are:
- How the property is financed?
- What is the condition and desirability of the property?
- Is it brand new to maximize tax benefit
- Is it located in a recognized developing area to maximize capital growth?
- Is the right timing to invest in the property?
- Has it been properly valued?
- What has been the growth rate for the following areas?

It is very important for every one to consider these factors and also many other factors before considering investment in Australia property.

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