Friday, April 2, 2010

Top Reasons To Invest In Detroit Properties

Home prices are showing the sign of stability and sale of pending house has increased in the last few months. Opportunities for buyers, sellers and homeowners have grown in U.S. real estate market, in the first quarter of 2010. Mayfair Group provides an opportunity to the investors to get a profitable deal through Detroit properties.

Top reasons for investing in Detroit properties 

Convenient Negotiations: Investors can buy properties though Mayfair Group because it is the best time to buy bank owned or foreclosure properties, which can be bought at a very low price as compared to the market price, and if the money is invested wisely, it can give high returns in the long run. The current market provides an opportunity to the home buyers to negotiate with the sellers and many sellers are willing to provide flexibility in prices.

Rental yield: The attraction of real estate is not just the low property price but the rental yield can serve as a source of steady income to the home owners and investors can get huge annual returns through the rentals. Detroit offers opportunity to rental returns and Mayfair Group provides full support to its investors to ensure the investors generate rental income through the properties.

Low Mortgage Rate: Buyers are offered a low mortgage rates and Fed‘s influence on mortgage rate has prevented it from rising. Federal Reserve has been spending $20 billion per week in the mortgage market and the rate will not rise until Fed has its control on the rates. But, Fed may stop spending in near future and if it exits, the mortgage rates will grow. Speculators are expecting the rates to grow from one- half point to full point percent, by the end of the year 2010. If the rate increases, the price of properties will shoot up. Hence, this is the best time for investors to own a property.
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Tax credit for home buyers: The tax credits policy available to home buyers has forced buyers to rush to own property before the deadline. The tax credit is available till June. There are many first time home buyers, who are investing in properties in various parts of U.S.

Prices will increase: The property market has recovered from the lowest phase and now, the prices are set to increase. The time is appropriate for the home owners to get an excellent deal. Some of the sellers are ready to wait even more to get a better deal. Investors can buy properties at a low cost and get huge returns on sale of the property, as the market improves.
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