Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things You Need to Check to Buy Property in India

India, off late has proved to be a dream destination to invest in the property sector. The ongoing transition from developing to developed nation has seen the development of many projects aimed at strengthening the infrastructure of the country. Add to this the global IT appeal and you get a recipe that is luring in terms of property investment.

First of all, you must have a fair notion regarding the usability of the property in coming future before you buy property in India, is it just for earning sound dividend on investments or you wish to settle by building a sweet home? Once you have figured this out you need to research exhaustively. Your research can be helped by genuine property dealers, word of mouth contacts or you can also gain vital information through the internet. This will lead you to the right property. Once you get a decent property do not forget to bargain. The more you bargain the more money you will save.

However, before closing the deal on a prospective property you need to keep few things in mind. It is better to be safe than sorry. Isn’t it? You must be thorough with the paper work and must ensure that the property is transferred in your name. That is to say the title of the possession of the property must hold your name else you may get entwined in legal hassles. And you must ensure that the property is well secured from any illegal encroachment or occupation.

If you are willing to buy property in India in the guise of apartment you should know that a ready made one will cost more than one which is under construction. If you wish to go for the latter option you must seek the legitimacy of the developer and also see to it that he has a valid certification. You should also check the planned course of development and due date of delivery. These are simple steps but if taken they will insure you from any future embarrassment and they will also ensure that your decision of buying property in India is vindicated.
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