Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Renting A Luxury Villa In North Bali

More and more visitors to Bali looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the over-developed south find themselves relaxing in the quiet black-sand beaches of Lovina Beach in north Bali. Unlike many places in the south, tourism hasn't overwhelmed north Bali. Lovina remains a quiet resort town where the pace of life is slow and relaxed. Many locals not directly involved in the tourist trade still make a living from small scale farming or fishing as they have done for centuries before.

The town of Lovina is home to many excellent beachfront hotels and guest-accommodations, including north Bali's only five-star resort, the Lovina Beach Resort. A growing trend for holiday-makers, many guests these days prefer to rent a vacation property during their stay in Bali instead of checking into a hotel. Holiday rentals are big business, with fully furnished and staffed apartments, villas and penthouses available for the discerning customer. In many cases it can actually be cheaper to rent a holiday villa instead of a hotel room, for example when you are with a group or a large family unit.

The best holiday villas and apartments in Bali are beach-front properties located inside fully secure, gated resorts with security and reception staff. This is not to say the guests aren't encouraged to go out and experience the real Bali - the ideal holiday rental property should be secluded, but not isolated. In Lovina, for example, the centre of the town in Kalibukbuk with all its shops, warungs and its famous dolphin statue is located less than a kilometre away from the Lovina Beach Resort.

Things that you should look out for in a good vacation rental property in Bali are a large screen TVs, home theatre system, always-on Internet access, 24 hour security, a private pool, a view of the ocean or the mountains and well landscaped gardens. Always expect the best when looking at vacation rental properties, never settle for anything below your expectations. Unlike with large corporate-run hotels that dominate south Bali, resorts in the north can offer much more value-for-money to the careful buyer.
Refrain from dealing with agents who promise a lot up-front to get you to commit - they rarely deliver. Deal only with property owners or the resort management. Do your research online - any good vacation villa or apartment for rent will have plenty of positive word-of-mouth from past customers.

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Much more affordable than the tourist saturated south, Lovina Beach in north Bali is a region with tremendous growth potential. A great place for international property investment in Bali right now, Lovina is a peaceful and quiet resort town with the added advantage of a low cost of living. For more information on owning your dream beachfront vacation property in Bali, visit www.lovinabeachresort.com, call 65 9742 1164 or email info@lovinabeachresort.com .

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