Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Brisbane

For anyone considering investing in real estate, the biggest challenge is finding the right location. While some investors prefer to look for great capital growth potential, other investors tend to look for cash-flow positive investments instead.

The beauty of Brisbane real estate is that you can benefit from both continued capital growth and ever-increasing rental yields that are fast becoming cash-flow positive in many suburbs.

Add the bonus of rising rental yields to current reductions in interest rates and you have an equation that is ideal for any wise investor looking to expand an investment portfolio.

Aside from the fact that Queensland is renowned for its wonderful sub-tropical climate, Brisbane is still attracting record numbers of immigrants from not only the cooler, southern states of Australia, but also internationally. This has led to somewhat of a housing shortage in and around the Brisbane area. Rental properties are always in high demand as the population continues to grow far in excess of all other Australian states.

Another benefit to investing in Brisbane real estate is that the prices remain reasonable. When you compare similar properties in suburbs surrounding Sydney or Melbourne, it's easy to see why Brisbane is a more attractive option.

Brisbane's close proximity to the exciting Gold Coast and the glorious Sunshine Coast means that families living in the city and suburban areas have an easy drive to some excellent weekend get-away locations.

Many of the older areas around the Brisbane CBD are under-going a period of gentrification. Some astute investors have discovered that there are amazing profits to be had by purchasing some of the older homes that were built on large blocks of land. Sub-dividing and redeveloping those blocks into higher-density living can return excellent investment profits for those willing to take the plunge.

Of course not all investors buy properties with the intent of renting them out or pulling them down. There are many investors who specialize in renovating the older 'Queenslander' style homes.

The object is to find a structurally sound Queenslander-type home. These are often sold at lower prices than they could have received if they'd been completed properly. By working to a renovation budget and bringing the home back to its former glory, clever renovators are able to make quite substantial profits from homes like these in the Brisbane area.

Taking the time to find a pre-finished home does not need to be a difficult process if you contact one of the local real estate agents in Brisbane. The right real estate agents will have many "for renovation" homes available for you to look at and hopefully you will find the one that is right for you. After finding the right home, it is only a matter of finding a renovation specialist that is affordable, for you to make a profit on your newly purchased home.

So if you're considering investing in real estate and aren't sure which areas you should investigate, perhaps consider the huge benefits that investing in Brisbane can offer you.
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