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Investing in Shanghai Real Estate

In China, the city of Shanghai has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. The cosmopolitan city of Shanghai has more prominence than any other city or town in the entire country and a visit to the country is incomplete without coming to the popular city. This is why of Shanghai has aptly been termed as "Queen of the Orient."

So, when we speak of investing in the real estate sector in China as a whole, we cannot rule out mentioning the illustrious town of Shanghai. Although the realty sector in China has recently seen a major slowdown, but this is fast receding now. In Shanghai also, one can see a huge surge in demand for purchase properties, especially in the residential property. Investing in property in the city is a favorable decision, as the property rates are expected to touch the roof in the coming few years, evident by urbanization, rising household income, low homeownership rate, etc.. So, from both, the investment as well as the residential use perspective, you can look at investing in the realty section in Shanghai.

If you also have decided on investing in the real estate sector in the city, then it is a good idea to seek professional assistance from a renowned real estate agent. This will ensure that the property you select in Shanghai will be backed by the right guidance from professionals in the real estate sector. However, before we proceed, it is important to get a clear understanding about the different types of property options available for purchase or renting in the city. Let us take a look on some of them:

New Villas in Shanghai- In Shanghai, you will come across a lot of luxurious villas as residential options. These are mainly located in the posh areas of Changning district, Minhang district and Pudong district. These villas can be found in different architectural styles, inspired from different countries across the world. They have their own clubhouses, post offices, swimming pools, golf courses, and a variety of other services in the vicinity.

Apartments in Shanghai- One can even go for apartment rentals or purchases in the city. There are a number of apartments conveniently located near commercial areas of the city. They are also equipped with most of the outdoor and recreation facilities in close vicinity, but are comparatively cheaper than independent villas.

Serviced apartments in Shanghai – Serviced apartments are meant for those who plan to stay in the city for a short time span. These are usually run by large hotel groups and are equipped with all luxury facilities such as 24 hour butlers, modern furniture, club hotel facilities and many more.
Depending upon your requirements, you can rent out or purchase any of properties or villas in Shanghai.  However, it is a good idea to avail the services of a renowned Shanghai Real Estate dealer. One such company that offers a wide range of Shanghai Properties is Newport Real Estate. For more details, log on to
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