Saturday, April 3, 2010

Five Mistakes to Avoid for Foreigners Buying Property in Turkey

The Turkish government found ways to encourage foreign investors to allocate some funds with regards to buying a property in Turkey. The first step the administration made is to make it possible for foreigners to buy these properties without much hassle. Next, Turkey offers loan mortgages for foreigners.

If you are one of the foreigners looking to buy property from Turkey, there are a few things you should remember. Your considerations should not be concentrated on the things you should do. The list must also include matters you should avoid when buying Turkish property.

Five things foreigners should avoid when looking for a property in Turkey

Learning about what you should avoid when you buy property from Turkey is synonymous to knowing the things you should do. Once you know the common mistakes made by foreign buyers, you will be able to fulfill the purchasing task with much convenience. Furthermore, this will work for your safety. Look into five of the mistakes you should avoid when it comes to buying a Turkey property:

- Buying old properties. If you are fund of antique homes, Turkey has a lot of things to offer. Despite this however, you may no longer be covered with the standards set by the European Union if you buy property built several decades back. The EU had already set new rules governing building or construction of homes in Turkey. This is the reason why you should favour new homes over older ones even if the latter promises to fulfill your aesthetical cravings.

- Seeking help from unregistered or unlicensed agents. In your search for the best Turkey property, you will be needing help from an estate agent in the nation.

- Neglect the duties of your lawyer. Even if you have the capacity to understand the rules, clauses and stipulations reflected on a purchase contract, you should still seek the advice of your lawyer. Lawyers know what each sentence in the contract means.

- Forget about immigration rules. Imagine how much money you will be allotting while going back and forth from the country. You may by all means re-enter the country but nothing is best than obtaining a license to stay for a maximum of five years in Turkey. All you need to do is fill up the Declare of Intent form. Submit such document to the immigration authority for approval.

- Buy a property without undergoing the required process. You cannot just go and visit Turkey then buy property at an instant. Imagine what you will go through if you will do that. Buying a property in Turkey requires scrutiny and decision making. Employ all the right techniques and go to appropriate individuals to transact with.

The rules when it comes to buying a property in Turkey are exactly the same if you decide to buy things in other countries. Why remain troubled and stressed by committing mistakes if you are allowed to correct the errors at the earliest possible time. Think about the things you should avoid and everything else will run smoothly for your favour. Always go through financial concerns and legal considerations as well.
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