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Sai Kung - The Hong Kong You've Never Heard About

Sai Kung - The Hong Kong You've Never Heard About

Moving to Hong Kong as an expat is a big change for most expatriates, especially for those of us who have not been to Asia before. One of the biggest challenges is adjusting to the type of property or house you will be living in. Hong Kong apartments are generally assumed to be the only type of property available. Although many and varied, the lack of space inherent in living in such a crowded place can take some getting used to.

What many expats overlook or are unaware of is the option of living a little further away from Hong Kong island in one of the 'country' areas. One of these areas popular with expats is Sai Kung. Located to the north east of Hong Kong island it is a greener area where you will get more space for your rental or purchase dollar.

Sai Kung property is mainly villa complexes and village houses- there are no high-rise apartments which are so typical in other parts of Hong Kong. Villas are usually large complexes with management and facilities, so come in all shapes and sizes.

Village houses on the other hand are unique to Hong Kong Built on 'village land' and restricted to a maximum of 700 square feet per floor and 3 floors they all tend to resemble each other as 2100' 3 story Spanish-style shoeboxes. Simple to construct, and of solid design that can withstand a typhoon with ease, given the right touch a village house can be renovated into a luxurious and comfortable home.

The real attractions of Sai Kung for expatriates is the outdoors, beaches, sailing, and a little more elbow room. Being able to live in a detached or semi-detached house with a yard for the kids to play in, and even somewhere to park the car, is considered luxury in Hong Kong If you are prepared to trade the convenience of being on Hong Kong Island or having direct public transport access to it, then you might spend some time looking for property in these areas.

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