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Bangkok Serviced Apartments - Are They Worth Staying In?

Bangkok Serviced Apartments - Are They Worth Staying In?

Staying in a serviced apartment in Bangkok is an excellent alternative to staying in traditional hotels. There are plenty of reasons why booking a serviced apartment is better but one of the biggest reasons of all is that they are all guest friendly.

Serviced apartments run and operate just like any hotel in Bangkok and you don't have to sign a lease if you're a tourist and not staying for more then a few months. So you can choose to stay a few days, a few weeks, or until your visa expires. You get the same hospitality as a full service hotel such as daily housekeeping, reception help desk and security. There are even swimming pools, fitness centers, massage parlors and restaurants provided for guest use.

Most serviced apartments are fully furnished. Most newer properties are equipped with flat screen televisions with DVD/CD players. There's even a small kitchen with furnishings for those who want to cook themselves a meal. Internet access is provided, whether wireless or LAN, are almost always included in the room rates.

Serviced apartments in Bangkok are guest friendly, which means they do not charge extra fees for inviting guests to their rooms for an overnight stay. A large percentage of hotel's in Bangkok charge what's called a joiner fee to guests when they do so. Joiner fees typically range from 500 Baht to 1000 Baht, depending on the hotel's set policy. This is the major difference between a most hotels and serviced apartments in Bangkok.

There are many serviced apartments operating in Bangkok today but the most popular names are Centre Point and Citadines.

Center Point currently has 7 locations dispersed throughout the commercial districts of central Bangkok. Though Center Point has been around for awhile they periodically upgrade their properties, especially the rooms to keep their quality high.

Citadines is a newer name in the serviced apartment market currently with 5 locations clustered within Sukhumvit. Since their locations are between the red light districts of Nana and Soi Cowboy they remain a popular accommodation choice for visitors all over the world.

Since Centre Point and Citadines are both guest friendly serviced apartments you should still book the room for two. Doing so will ensure you get extra breakfast coupons for your companion that are already included in the room rates.

Many travelers who stay at Bangkok's serviced apartments for the first time are pleasantley surprised at the value and quality for the amount they paid. So they'll find themselves returning to the same serviced apartments again and again for future vacations in Bangkok.

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