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10 Reasons Why Should Buy Property in Lovina, Bali

10 Reasons Why Should Buy Property in Lovina, Bali

Property in Bali is booming right now. There are many different areas to buy property in Bali, but some areas such as Seminyak and Kuta, you have to almost be a millionaire to buy a nice property. Many people are now looking for other areas in Bali such as the north of Bali around Lovina to buy their perfect holiday house or retirement villa.

Here are ten reasons why you consider buying property in or around Lovina.

1. Lovina is located on the north coast of Bali, but it is only a three hour scenic drive from the international airport.

2. Prices of vacant land are still fairly affordable and you can even buy land from just 1.5 million rupiah or around US$150 per are - one are is 100 square meters of land.

3. Lovina is a quiet place and doesn't have the traffic problems like in the south of Bali.

4. Lovina is famous for watching dolphins and in some areas you can see dolphins swimming from the beach.

5. The north of Bali is becoming a popular place for retirees, particularly from Europe who love the warm climate and the quiet beaches.

6. Lovina has some great restaurants and fresh seafood. As the area becomes more popular, entrepreneurs are starting new businesses in the area everyday.

7. Since tourism is not as developed as the south of Bali, the people are friendly and very welcoming to foreigners visiting the region.

8. Buleleng is the regency for the north of Bali and it has a long history of performing arts and a unique culture.

9.Labor in Bali and Indonesia is cheap, but even cheaper in the north of Bali. If you want to have your own cook, maid or driver, you can have all three for around $100 a month!

10. Not only is property cheap to buy in Lovina, the area has a very low cost of living. As long as you have an outside income, it is easy to live like a king (or queen!)

If you want to see what property is available in the area, take a look at the Lovina Property website for some great deals.

By Michael Henry

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