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Phuket As A Market Place To Buy Property

Phuket As A Market Place To Buy Property

Property in Phuket can range from modest homes costing just a few hundred thousand dollars to posh villas in the millions of dollars.

One of the most impressive properties in Phuket is Jumeirah Private Island Phuket, where properties are set on a private 80-acre island off the coast of Phuket. It's just 500m to the shore of Phuket island, making it an amazing property in Phuket province.

The market for property in Phuket is steadily rising, with the addition of more modern, international standard lifestyle amenities. Of course, the main type of property in Phuket being purchased is holiday homes. However, Phuket has so rapidly become a place where people want to live year round, that property in Phuket is also appealing to Asian and Western businessmen working in Asia who seek it out as a home base for their families.

Phuket International Airport offers direct international flights around Southeast Asia and excellent connections through Bangkok around the world. Property in Phuket has become prime when the excellent hospitals, schools, dining and entertainment, and domestic service are taken into account. It is an excellent place to raise children and a safe environment for families.

Property in Phuket is also emerging as a solid alternative to Spain and other destinations that were once popular with Europeans for holidays and second homes. The increasing crime rate in countries like Spain makes Thailand and its peaceful people, as well as low cost of living, even more desirable. The weather is warm all year round, making the ownership of property in Phuket ideal for any time you want to be in Thailand.

When it comes to yacht owners, property in Phuket cannot be beat. There is no boat tax in Thailand and the dockage, repair and crew fees can be up to 80 per cent less than in Europe. Jumeirah Private Island is home to a 24-hour deep water access superyacht Marina. There are many other excellent international standard marinas in Phuket and many of the marina slips are leased along with property in Phuket.

Reasons to invest in property in Phuket

There's quite a range in prices of property in Phuket. You could get a leasehold for anywhere starting around USD$100,000 for a modest property in Phuket, or spend millions of US dollars for a luxurious property in Phuket complete with private beach and marina slip.

The low cost of living in Phuket makes buying property in Phuket a great idea for a holiday home, second home, or even primary residence. It's cheap to have live-in domestic help, to eat out daily and to enjoy day-to-day shopping and entertainment, as well as the latest in sports facilities, the beach and massages. Top quality schooling and health care is also extremely cheap compared to the USA, Europe and Australia.

Those who own property in Phuket can send their children to one of many excellent schools, where they can be well prepared for top universities in the USA and Europe. Medical care is of a top international standard with state-of-the-art equipment and internationally trained doctors at several hospitals around the island. In fact, medical tourism to Phuket is becoming popular, as rising costs of health and dental care in other countries has become prohibitive.

Property in Phuket can be purchased leasehold by foreigners. This means that foreigners can own leases to land for 30 years with two additional 30-year leases, giving a total of 90 years. The investment returns on property in Phuket are excellent.

As a rising star in the international tourism sector, Phuket is a top holiday destination for Europeans, Australians, Americans, Japanese, and many other nationals. Both domestic and international flights into Phuket have increased over the past years and a new airport is being built to cope with the high demand for more flights. This means excellent rental returns in the coming years if you purchase a property in Phuket.

Along with the ownership of property in Phuket comes the ownership of a unique lifestyle. Living on an exotic tropical island in Southeast Asia offers beautiful, warm weather as well as sparkling sandy beaches. Phuket opens into the deep blue waters of the Andaman Sea on the west coast, and into the sheltered, famously picturesque Phang Nga Bay on the east coast.

When you own property in Phuket, your days are filled with sailing the beautiful waters, scuba diving
among the stunning marine life of the Similans, daytrips to the Phi Phi islands, canoeing around James Bond Island, or windsurfing off Patong Beach. The dining and entertainment of Phuket is another good reason to own property in Phuket. From the delicious and simple beachside seafood huts to the most elegant five-star international restaurants, there isn't anything you can't find in Phuket.

Buying a property in Phuket is much more than buying a stunning island home, it is buying a new lifestyle where your hard-earned cash goes farther, and your family is safe and happy.

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