Monday, November 23, 2009

Cheap Bali Villas Getting Popular

Cheap Bali Villas Getting Popular

Holiday villas in Bali have become a popular alternative to Hotels and B&BS for tourists going on holiday. Advantages include greater privacy, the opportunity to cater for oneself, a more homely feel, more space and better value for money for groups and families. With so many opportunities to rent holiday accommodation in location like Seminyak, Jimbaran, Canggu and Ubud, dont forget Sanur also then how do you choose just one property and get the most bang for your buck?

If budget is your concern why dont start by searching on google by terms of "Cheap bali villas". You can see several Bali agents will list their properties under this category which now getting more and more properties build up or downgrade to this market segmet.

Cheap Bali villas means the villas listed on those website has price range starting from $100 to max $300 or even $400. Some people will see the price a bit high but just browse and explore what those private villas listed are offering. Most will offer more room and services which before only cater for higher and luxury villas market. You will see some of them offering a 5-6 bedrooms just for maximum of $400 a night. That surely will save you more money.

Remember not just browsing and exploring one website, in order to get most bang for your buck, YOU MUST look at other website under "cheap Bali villas" search terms. Not all agents has the same properties some of them has more villas listed on their website and some other only listed a few. Some of them will list the same villa but with different prices. Be careful in picking just the cheapest villa you can find, you must look at the agent who representing the villas. Villa rental agents has an association who make sure all agents follow the same rule and has the same rule for cancellation policies. Just find the BVRA logo on those website, its the safest way to book villas in Bali. Enjoy your holiday!

By Dharma Putra

Dharma serves as online marketing consultant of Find Bali Villas and Bali Villas

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