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Villa Insider's Bali Villa Rental Tips

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If you've never stayed in a villa in Bali, you might find it all a bit daunting the first time around. Don't be discouraged, a little basic information is all you need to book with confidence. This article provides a list of insider tips for renting villa accommodations in Bali.

Where are most rental villas in Bali?

The most popular areas are: Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu, Jimbaran and Uluwatu. Seminyak and Canggu are located on the coast, northwest of Kuta. Ubud is located inland, in the center of the island. Jimbaran is near the airport. Uluwatu is the far southern tip of the island.

Are villas in Bali staffed?

Generally speaking, yes. Unlike a lot of other destinations, the tradition in Bali is for fully serviced villas. Many properties have not only maids, but also cooks and a manager. The top end properties will have a chef, a dedicated villa manager, butlers and a often a driver.

Will I be charged tax and service fees?

It depends on the management company. Some properties are priced "all-in," others are "plus plus" -- like you would expect from a hotel property.

How will food and beverages be charged?

Historically, most Bali villas charged you only for your groceries. Staff would ask you what you want to eat, then they would collect money from you to do the shopping. They would bring back the groceries, a receipt, and your change (if any!). Things are changing and now it is not uncommon to see villas adding a service charge. Some of the top end properties are even offering a la carte menus, like a hotel.

Do I need to tip the staff?

You should. It is up to you, but it is recommended. The amount should reflect the quality of service, but remember that salaries in Bali are quite low. Tips - even modest ones - can be big incentives.

How can I find the best values in villa rental?

Book direct where possible as you can negotiate more with the manager / management company / owner. Agents are often restricted in what they can offer in the way of discounts. Also, watch for last minute specials. Some villas offer deep discounts for last minute bookings.

What's better: A stand-alone villa property or a villa hotel?

We like stand alone villas, due to the privacy and the exclusiveness. That said, villa hotels often offer more choice, a better range of accommodations and more dining options. If you don't mind the loss of privacy, then a villa hotel may be a good bet for you.

What's the difference between a villa hotel and a villa resort?

None. It's just a question of names.

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