Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Philippine Properties Investment Hotspots?

Investing in Philippines properties is the perfect way to capitalize on the demand for quality rented accommodation. Units that are now being sold for £33k are expected to be worth at least 46k in the next 2 years, or roughly around 60k in 4 years. Even after deducting the substantial taxes, calculations show that there will be sufficient profit margin to make this an excellent short-term investment which is ideal for a first-timer looking at an entry level investment.

In fact, as a testament to the growth potential of Philippine real estate market, the prices of these apartments are scheduled to go up by 17% this April 16th, so anyone fired up at the idea of investing in Philippines properties should act quickly. Growth is fueled by massive movements in its business and industry sectors, primarily in Manila, as major companies flock in to build cheap office towers, inhabited by a cheap work-force, working with manufacturing goods bought just as cheaply.

This movement consequently brings in retail chains in preparation for the increasing affluence of the population. Then, as big corporations tend to relocate the top-level management, the incoming executives tend to look for quality rented accommodation. The same is true as the affluence of local people increases in their new jobs. These are some of the factors that guarantee the market for real estate in the Philippines.

For people who are interested in buying Philippine Properties, online marketers provide listings that come from brokers in several parts of the country. But because it may be very difficulty to choose from all the available Philippines properties for sale, most marketers include a system to filter out the choices. In fact, a leading marketer has gone so far as to set up a buyer's wizard that helps customers narrow down the choices in terms of their budget, preferred location, and size. Once a selection has been made, the buyers submit the online form. The broker of the selected property will be contacted by the online marketer for a detailed discussion of the package.

Online Philippine marketers promote their sites and the Philippine properties that they sell through listings and brokerages using popular search engines. This makes their coverage wider and effectively increases the possibility of closing deals quickly.

With the online marketing trend in place, the Philippines can be expected to register more profits in the coming years.

By Deirdre Gonzales

Deirdre Gonzales is a business entrepreneur from Cebu City Philippines. She's now based in Florida and writes in her spare time for various websites including Atayala.com

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/real-estate-articles/philippine-properties-investment-hotspots-836767.html