Thursday, July 2, 2009

Investing To Make Profit From The Current Property Slump? Secureasale, The ‘Sell My House’ Experts Explain

As property prices fall, those will ready cash available could make themselves a fortune in the long-run by investing in property now.

LONDON, UK- London property specialists at SecureASale, the capital’s premier ‘sell my house’ and quick sale experts, are issuing some exciting investment advice.

SecureASale director, Tim Jackson has announced that the best investments available in the current climate are to be found within the London property market. He issued the following statement:

"With interest rates falling to 0.5% and property prices still falling, snapping up a good quality buy to let in London can easily return 7-8% per annum – 14-16 times the Bank of England interest rate. It is a tangible investment and unlike what we have seen with the banks, you know where your money is invested with property. Time and time again, the property market has proved its ability to bounce back even stronger and in the future people looking to sell property will receive the dividends.

Obviously, at times like these people are asking ‘OK, but how can I sell my house quickly to raise the capital for such a venture?’ This is where quick sale experts such as Tim Jackson and SecureASale.

Very high yields, like we’re seeing now are normally a sign of an undervalued market, so there is scope for optimism that we have reached the bottom of the housing market."

However, Jackson has also issued a stark warning to potential investors. As incomes fall and people lose their jobs in the recession, rent costs are likely to fall as well, as is the chance of a quick sale or obtaining the maximum revenue when selling a house. Jackson adds, "We are not going to see a new bubble forming any time soon and we may not be out of the woods yet in terms of negative capital returns."

There is always a point during a property boom where people turn to each other and say, ‘If only I’d bought back in Year X I could have made a fortune. The quick sale property experts agree that now could be that time.

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By Harry Smith

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