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Homes For Sale In Los Angeles County California

Studio City Homes are renowned for their excellent location in sunny Southern California. Just over the hill from Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Downtown Los Angeles, lays Studio City, ideal for living, working or relaxing. With a variety of homes, from old Spanish style homes to Modern Architecture, 70.6% of residents who reside in Studio City live in single family homes.
Home prices went from a high of $848,500 between 2006 and 2007, to a decline of $637,100 in 2009. Homeowners are earnestly waiting for the housing market to resume its typical position.

From April 2009 to May 2009 average sales prices of homes in Studio City went down 0.12 percent. The average estimated value went down 0.03 percent from May 2009 to April 2009. Although, the city’s average sales price and average estimated value are still above both the National average and the California State average. Studio City has an average listing price for homes for sale of $1,092,239. The current number of properties on the market is 243 with a median listing price of $894,000. The Los Angeles county average listing price for homes for sale is $898,758. The Los Angeles county total real estate listings are 26,126 and a median listing price of $446,662.

No brand new Studio City Homes have been sold. California, among Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and Michigan are the top five states with the most foreclosures. Foreclosures are becoming habitual in the housing market. In the Golden State, 4.19 percent of housing has resulted in foreclosures, following Florida which is a striking 8.95 percent. Studio City is ranked 2495 out of all city foreclosure rate rankings. Foreclosure activity accounts for 39 percent. Home sales since 2005 have consistently declined. Los Angeles is ranked the number 10 city with the worst housing market in 2009. In contrast, sales are slightly rising in many mid- to high-end markets. Many homeowners are anxious for the housing market to resume its standard standpoint. You might be asking, when will the housing market get better? The amount of new and resale houses and condos sold in the state of California this past month was up by 2.9 percent since April 2009 and up 18.3 percent since May 2008.

Homeowners are tossing and turning due to the lessening of their property value, increase in foreclosures and the sluggish real estate market. There is no need to worry anymore. There is always a solution to a problem, and we have your solution. There are steps which homeowners could take to present their home to a buyer in the most appealing fashion. Eliminate all odors, cleanliness should be a given, clean carpet, and brighten up the rooms by installing new lighting or opening curtains and letting the California rays shine in. Lastly, outside presentation is everything, so make sure the grass is nicely manicured and the outside paint isn’t chipping. There are many Homes for sale in Studio City; yours might be sold if you take the appropriate steps.

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Yanni Raz is a mentor for many in the Real Estate Mortgage industry, Yanni Raz is been tutoring many homeowners in California and help some also to save their homes.

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