Thursday, July 2, 2009

Buying a New Dream Home in Delhi & NCR is a Bit Costly But It is Not at All Impossible

Buying a New Dream Home in Delhi & NCR is a Bit Costly But It is Not at All Impossible

The lives of Delhiites are undoubtedly much higher in comparison to other cities in India. Well it would not be wrong to say that this lovely city also attracts many NRIs when it comes to buying a new home. No sooner the metro trains started running in the city then it resulted into many advantages which the residents of Delhi and NCR are proud to have the possession.

Even in the regime of the current recession, Delhi and its NCR are still attracting many property investors as well as home buyers. In the world map, this cosmopolitan city is already marked as the popular green city and in addition, it is regarded as the hub of multinational companies. A new visitor gets amazed to see the spurting buildings which are built with the international standard statistics. For most of the real estate companies operating in different places in India consider Delhi and its NCR as the perfect niche for implementation to their new projects.

There are many factors which have to be reviewed before placing a quote for buying a residential property in Delhi, the heart of India as well as in its suburbs. If you take a drive to Gurgaon then you would surely see the sky rocketing buildings which are the homes to many multinational firms and other corporates. Significantly, there is an attractive rise in the residential apartments and independent houses. Next to Gurgaon, Noida is also filled with the excellent residential infrastructure.

There is an apparent rivalry between the two NCRs: Gurgaon and NCR in terms of buying a residential property. Most of the critics opine that Gurgaon is currently at a higher podium leaving Noida a step down. They strongly hold to this opinion is just because Gurgaon has the international airport. Because of this famous location, most of the property consultants in Gurgaon strongly hold on to their deals. It has been reported that soon Noida will also boast of an international airport. This would be an added advantage for the residents of Noida as well as for the aspiring people who have been hunting for buying their dream homes in this growing city.

It is the saying of a set of home-buyers that the price of a residential property in india the capital and in its outskirts is out of the reaching hands of the middle class families. It is true that the contemporary market price of houses is a bit costly but still there is a good flow of middle class buyers as it is revealed by some real estate surveys. Home loans are in a heavy shower and those who are equipped with an attractive income can obviously place the orders for buying the most exotic palaces.

By: ankita tyagi